Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chloe's Christmas Wish - Advent Calendar (Day 20)

The next morning, when Chloe opens her eyes she sees wrapped presents underneath the sparkling Christmas tree. Four stockings, full of goodies and toys, hang above the fireplace. It must be Christmas day, Chloe thinks to herself. Megan always fills the stockings on Christmas morning. Chloe looks at the stockings again. Her ears flicker and her tail begins to move. Four stockings? Chloe doesn't understand why there's a fourth stocking, since they only need three for Megan, John, and Chloe. Maybe Megan gave her an extra stocking this year! She had been good all year, not trying to escape the house to go outside.

Chloe then remembers Dakotah and the magical golden tag that took her safely home the day before. She meows happily to herself as she thinks about playing with Tabs, Mitzy, and Fluffy at the pond and in the woods. Did it actually happen? Or was it all a dream? Chloe doesn't have the golden tag on her collar anymore. Even if it was a dream, it is the happiest dream of her life.

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