Monday, December 12, 2011

Chloe's Christmas Wish - Advent Calendar (Day 12)

I got it!” Chloe shouts. “ We can breathe on him. Our breath is warm. It should be enough to free him, if we do it together.” So everyone huddles around Fluffy and breathes on him. He growls again.

“We could just leave it on you instead,” Tabs suggests.

Fluffy whines again. So everyone breathes on Fluffy again until finally his mouth is freed from the fish.

“Thanks,” Fluffy says with a slight lisp. “Now, my paw please.”

“Mine too!” Tabs reminds them. They start on Fluffy's paw first. As soon as Fluffy is free, he forgets about Tabs and jumps all over the place, sliding a little on the ice. Mitzy and Chloe continue to breathe on Tabs to remove his paw from the fish. Fluffy slides over to Tabs and blows really hard on his paw, finally freeing him from the fish. Tabs stretches his paw.

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