Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's Time for Haiku

Day 12 of National Poetry Month

It's Time for Haiku
By Candace Shultz

It is 10 o'clock
at night and I still don't know
what I want to write.

My cold hands are poised
over the keyboard, waiting 
for thoughts to emerge.

I stare at the screen
as the cursor blinks on the
white page. I blink too.

It is 10:15
and I am still struggling
with all of my words.

I think about my
daughter's excitement over
the Easter Bunny.

I think about the
birds landing in my backyard
to eat the spiders.

It's 10:25.
I'm looking at a picture
of Bengal tigers.

I listen to my 
husband crunch on chips as he
plays a game on Steam.

I still taste the sour
cream and onion flavor from
my bag of Lay's chips

It is 10:30
and I am finished writing 
poetry tonight.

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