Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Am Afraid to Drive

I entered another writing swap at swap-bot. This one required me to find a writing prompt or two and create something for my partner to read. I found a poetry prompt at Poets&Writers about insecurities that inspired me to write a poem.

Here is the prompt:

posted 8.6.13

Writing poetry is an act of empowerment. Sit quietly at your desk. Think about what you’re most insecure about in life: being a good parent, making enough money, not being able to love fully. Write a poem about how you plan to overcome that insecurity.

Here is the poem I wrote:

I Am Afraid to Drive
By Candace Shultz

I am afraid to drive.
My heart beats faster at just the thought.
So long have I walked, so long have I ridden,
But I just have not driven.
I stay at home and worry.
How do I get to the store?
How do I make new friends?
How do I take care of my child?
How do I survive if I do not drive?
I must get over my fears and take the wheel.
I must take a deep breath and just take the test.
And I must always remember I am not alone.
Others have gone before me.
More will go behind me.
My husband will sit beside me,
And my daughter will drive me on.

I'm 27 years old, and though I had a learner's permit at 17, I didn't get enough time behind the wheel to actually learn how to drive. For the next ten years, circumstances just didn't require me to have a license. Now I really do need one so that I can be independent and able to take care of my 20-month-old daughter. Simple things like doctor appointments and grocery shopping become very difficult when you can't drive. My husband has been wonderful and supportive in driving me where I need to go, but he can't always be there for me. So it's time for me to get over my fears and learn how to drive. The next hurdle is trying not to get lost on the road.