Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My cat Bean died almost two years ago, and I've been wanting to write a poem to her memory for a while. I miss her very much.

By Candace Shultz

I brought you home in a cardboard box,
A little gray kitten with white paw socks.
Your soft kitty meows melted my heart,
And I fell in love with you right from the start.
You slept on my pillow almost squishing my head.
You bit my toes at the bottom of the bed.
You ate popcorn right from my hand,
And you licked tuna straight from the can.
No matter where you lounged in the house,
You’d come running as quiet as a mouse
As soon as you heard me shake your snacks.
Then you’d do a couple acts:
Begging with those big kitty eyes,
Standing to reach your yummy prize.
You always greeted me at the door
And made me chase you to the basement floor.
I loved to cuddle next to your soft gray fur
And listen to your gentle purr.
Though I disliked your sandpaper kiss,
Forever you will be the one I always miss. 

Bean at approximately one month

Bean at 5 years - a couple of weeks before she died

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