Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Keep Running

I've been dieting lately to lose all the weight I gained during pregnancy. It's hard work to eat less and exercise more. Sometimes I feel great about myself and what I've accomplished so far. I lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks. Other times I just feel so hungry that I can only think about the negative things: I gained a pound back in the last three weeks because I got off track on my diet and exercise. So today I wrote a poem about my struggle with diet and exercise.

Just Keep Running
By Candace Shultz

I listen to my stomach growl
And try to ignore the pain,
But everything entices me
To just eat and eat and eat.
Eat that bag of Doritos,
Eat that chocolate bar,
Eat that slice of pizza,
Just enjoy them all.

Some days I give in.
Other days I am strong,
But thinking about food all day
Just seems so wrong.

Then I try to exercise to burn off all that weight,
But sometimes I have to fight myself
To put down my book or game.
Why do something tedious
When I can relax instead?

Other times, I run and run and run and run,
Yet I still don't get too far.
All that exercise means nothing
If I still don't lose the weight.

So goodbye to all that yummy food
And all that extra free time.
I must ignore the grumbling
And get up from the couch.
I'll run and run and run and run
And hope to feel fit in time.