Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cleo and Me

Today I worked on a poem for two hours until my husband said it was 10:30 pm, but I still hadn't finished the poem. I started out with one idea, scratched the idea partway through, then went with an entirely different idea. I often want to be perfect when I write, so I edit as I go along, which really means that I stare at my paper as I run through various sentences in my mind until I finally write down one line 10 minutes later. Obviously my work will not be perfect, so I know I should just write and write and write, and then edit later.

Long story short, I didn't finish the poem I was working on today. I decided to write a sonnet, so it's taking a lot more work than my previous poems.

But do not be sad, my dear readers, for I will still share a poem with you. I delved into my old journal of poetry. When I say old, I mean one that's over 10 years old. I am sharing with you a rewrite of one of my very first poems. I say "rewrite" because I had lost the original and rewrote what I could remember. I think I wrote this poem when I was around 10 or 11 years old.

Cleo and Me
By Candace Shultz

I have a cat
Who is not fat.
She likes to always wear a hat
Only when she sees my Uncle Pat.
Her name is Cleo,
And she likes a cat named Leo.

I look forward to seeing her every day,
But my mom usually tells me to go out and play,
So I go to the bay
While Cleo is having fun playing in the hay.

She really loves the Lord,
And she won't touch a sword,
So when she gets bored
We jump in the beautiful white Ford.

When Cleo and I have nothing to do,
We go outside and play with Sue.
To have fun, we dye our hair
And show our parents to give them a scare.

Now that Cleo is a special friend,
My poem to you has come to an end.