Thursday, September 1, 2011

Writing projects in the making

I logged on to today. At this site, you write as much as you can in one minute based off of the one word they give you each day. Your post has to include that word. The word for the day (August 31) is "avenue." I didn't write much, but indeed I did write!

"I walked down Michigan Avenue towards my sister’s house. I hurried along the road, not looking left or right. I didn't like this town."

I just joined this site today. I heard about it mid-August, but I didn't want to join until September because they start the writing batches at the beginning of the month. At this site, the challenge is to write exactly 100 words per day each month. At the end of the month, if you wrote 100 words every day, the site publishes your writings on their site in a monthly batch. I have yet to write today on that site because they haven't begun the September batch. I'll share my 100 words a day here too.

I am in the editing process of a Christmas story for my friend Elaine. You can find a sneak peak into her project here: I won't be revealing any part of the story until December. My sister Cassandra helped me write the story. You can find her blog here: She also writes a lot of poetry and short stories.

I've joined several swaps at that involve writing. I'm excited about these projects. In the one project, I will write a short story based off of a random list of words posted in the swap. In another swap, I will write a poem or short story (haven't decided yet) that is creepy or dark or Halloween themed. I may post that one on my blog closer to October. I'm also thinking about joining a swap ( where I start a story, then mail it to the next person who continues the story who will then send it on to another person, so on and so forth, until the story is finished where it will finally be sent back to me. I think that's a cool project. If I do join it, I'll share the finished story when I receive it.