Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Diary of a Cat Named Binx

Finally, released the link to let me start September's writing batch. My entry for September 1st is as follows:

Today begins my journey of writing 100 words per day on this site. I will write a little bit per day, via this site and others, until my mind is teeming with ideas that I just can't put my pen down. I want to create poetry and short stories, but my ultimate goal is to write a novel, a goal that I've had for ten years. It may take me another ten or twenty or even fifty years, but eventually I will print out each page of my novel while my heart bursts with happiness at a dream come true.

For the next six days, September 2nd to September 7th, my entries revolve around Binx, a cat that I watched for a week for my friend Marie while she took a vacation to Italy with her boyfriend. I've decided to turn these six entries into a short story called "The Diary of a Cat Named Binx." For the 100words website, I had to omit "Day 1," "Day 2," and so on because it didn't fit the 100-word requirement, but each day in the diary in my short story corresponds to an entry in the 100words website.

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The Diary of a Cat Named Binx
By Candace Shultz

Day 1 

I had a rough day. Marie, my human familiar, told me she was going on vacation to Italy without me. Can you believe it? Without me! She took me to her friends' place. I do love exploring, but I smelled another cat there. I love meeting new felines, but Bean didn't like me. She hissed and growled and guarded the doors so I couldn't explore. The humans yelled and sprayed me with water when I went on the counters to escape Bean. I was so upset that I peed on my favorite blanket. How embarrassing. I want to go home.

Day 2

Today wasn't much better. Bean still hates me. The humans sprayed me with water again and they shut the door so I couldn't sharpen my nails on the couch or investigate the smells on the counters. But I showed them! I opened the door anyway. I jumped, turned the knob, and pushed the door open. Then I just sauntered in the room, but as soon as Bean saw me she chased me back to the bathroom. I've been sitting on the dryer since. At least the humans bought me a new litter box. No way am I sharing with Bean!

Day 3

I almost got my revenge today. Bean thought she'd drive me out of the bathroom, my only sanctuary so far, but I had enough of her bullying. She hissed at me, so I hissed right back. I swiped my paw at her to keep her away. I cornered her behind the washing machine, jumped up, and tried to attack from above, but the human girl stormed into the bathroom with the spray bottle and chased me away before I could show Bean what happens when you mess with me. At least they learned not to shut the doors on me.

Day 4

I had a good day. I think Bean's starting to like me. She only hissed at me a few times today. I explored the house at my leisure (no closed doors for me!) and even slept on the bed today. Bean lay on the floor. I think she's realized that I'm the boss now. I saw Bean eat my food, but I don't mind because I ate some of hers. Tasty! The humans love me now. I sat on their laps and lazed in the windows and let them pet me. Things are looking up. I still miss Marie though.

Day 5

I chased Bean around the house today. It's nice to play with other cats. At home, I only have a dog to keep me company, besides Marie of course. Maybe Bean could visit me at home! It's fun to chase and wrestle with her. We can even laze in the sun within five human feet of each other. I started using her litter box today to let her know we can be friends. I don't think she minds. Well, I'm going to go play with her catnip pillow. Maybe afterward I can convince the humans to give me my treats.

Day 6

Never again! Bean and I were getting along great, so I tried to show her some affection, but she attacked me! I'm missing tufts of fur from her claws and teeth. I fought back until the human woman sprayed us both with water and chased me into the bedroom, closing the door behind her. I opened the door once to escape, but she put me back in the room and locked it! She let me out later, but I'm still so mad! Luckily, Marie arrived and took me away from Bean, that vile creature. I'm so happy to be home.