Monday, April 24, 2017

The wind blows gently.
It whispers.
It gusts.
It whistles through the trees.

The leaves shake.
They wiggle.
They dance.
They wave hello to anyone who watches.

The bird flies with the wind.
It watches.
It listens.
It settles on the leaves of a tree.

The wind blows.
The leaves shake.
And the bird lifts its wings,
Ready to fly with the breeze.

Written by Candace Shultz


What went wrong?
Eight years gone
Like they never existed together.
A deep black pit grows
Where his heart used to be.
His love turned to hate
In the misery she shaped.
The silence between them stretches.
Just one word, one whisper
Might shatter the fragile worlds
They've created apart.

Written by Candace Shultz