Monday, April 4, 2016

Family Portrait

Here is my poem from Day 2 of NaPoWriMo. I followed the prompt to write a poem in the form of a family portrait.

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Family Portrait

Gray eyes like the calm after a storm,
Arms full of strength and comfort,
A goofy smile and kind heart,
A loving father of two:
My husband brings laughter and peace to my world.

Gray eyes and a face like her father's;
Bright blonde hair, an angel by sight
Though full of mischief and a stubborn will;
Full of questions, of why's and how's;
Playful and curious and kind and smart:
My daughter brings wonder and light.

Light brown hair and brown eyes like mine,
A giggle that brightens our days,
A voice that refuses to be ignored,
A not-so-good sleeper with a strong will of his own,
Hair puller, toy thrower, and slobbery kisser:
My son brings joy and sleepless nights.

Brown hair, brown eyes, big heart.
Always cleaning. Sometimes singing.
Wipes away tears and boogers and dirt.
Answers questions. Tickles feet.
Feeds others before she can eat.
Plays and holds and hugs and kisses.
Folds clothes, washes dishes, and brushes teeth.
Reads books and colors and cuddles.
Usually tired, sometimes grumpy, but still happy.
Just trying not to screw things up:
I bring love and unity to our beautiful mess.