Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wishing You Were Home

On Friday, May 23, Cassandra Miller prompted the Facebook poetry group No Direction Home to write a poem that involves the word moon, whether the poem is about the moon or the word just appears briefly in the poem. I wrote the following poem in response to that prompt.

Wishing You Were Home
By Candace Shultz

I look out my window and gaze at the moon.
An ache in my heart, your picture in my hand,
I think about you in that land of sand.
Are you looking at the same bright stars?
Are you thinking about me as I think of you?
Do you miss my kisses, hugs so tight,
Making love under mask of night?
Do you look at my picture
And wish that you were here?
Because I sure do wish that you were near.

I look down at your picture
And gaze into your blue-gray eyes,
Trying my best not to cry.
I trace my finger across your lips,
Counting down the days until our next kiss.
And though I know we'll be okay,
I still wish we could skip to the day
You'll step off of the plane and into my sight.
Our eyes will meet. Our hearts will race.
We'll finally come face to face.
A hug and a kiss. No longer alone.
A thank you to God that you're finally home.