Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Until My Dying Day

Today is Day 23 of National Poetry Month. I dedicate today's poem to my husband. 

Until My Dying Day
By Candace Shultz

Thank you for your morning kisses
And the kisses before you leave.
Thank you for all the cuddles
And the hugs that I receive.

Thank you for cooking all the meals,
For tasty popcorn too.
Thank you for making the bed
Because I rarely do.

Thank you for working hard
Each and every day,
For the house and food and luxuries
Supported by your pay. 

Thank you for encouraging me
To be a better writer.
Your words of praise and appreciation
Make my dreams burn brighter.

Thank you for your optimism
Even in times of stress.
When I want to cry, you make me laugh.
You make me feel blessed.

Thank you for the precious gift
Of our darling daughter Lily,
For loving her and teaching her
And for being silly. 

Thank you for being you.
There's nothing I would change.
I love you for who you are
Even though you're strange.

And when we get old and gray
I know what I will say:
I love you now and forever
Until my dying day.

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