Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Read a Book

It's Day 9 of National Poetry Month.

Read a Book
By Candace Shultz

Read a book, I say to you,
If you have nothing to do.
You say you are bored,
Yet those books are ignored.
A book will take you somewhere new.

You can climb a mountain or dive down deep
Or comfort the lady who doth weep.
You can battle trolls, giants, and ogres
Or visit Rome and wear some togas.
Soon you'll never want to sleep.

You'll find magic, romance, vampires too
And other creatures with skin that's blue.
You can learn to knit or fly a plane
Or find some help to keep you sane.
You can read a story or one that's true.

You can learn about history
Or pick up a new mystery.
Read about the nature of birds.
Read anything with words.
How about The Old Man and the Sea?

So when you say that you are bored,
Please don't leave those books ignored.
Expand your mind. Have some fun.
Read a book out in the sun.
And soon those books will be adored.