Saturday, April 13, 2013

Techie Haikus

My husband convinced me to enter a techie haiku contest on ThinkGeek. Here are the haikus I'm thinking about entering into the contest. 

Oh, hello Kirby.
Wait...what?...Please don't suck me in!
I have no powers!

~ ~ ~

It's happened again.
I stare at my computer.
The blue screen of death.

~ ~ ~

Joshua Jackson?
I love Joshua Jackson!
I miss watching Fringe.

~ ~ ~

20 68 61 69 6b 75
( haiku) 
written in Hexadecimal Code

My husband helped me with the last haiku. I wanted to write haiku in binary code, but it wasn't working out, so he told me to write it in hexadecimal code instead.

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