Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chloe's Christmas Wish - Advent Calendar (Day 25)

Let's go outside and take pictures in the snow!” Megan squeals in delight as she watches the cats roll around in the wrapping paper. “We can send pictures to Mom of Baby Bean and Chloe playing together in the snow.” Megan grabs the camera from the living room table; then she and John each pick up a cat and take them outside. As soon as they put the cats down on the snow in the backyard, Chloe runs around the snowman, then plops down in the snow beside Baby Bean. Baby Bean, meanwhile, is staring curiously around her. She lifts her paw up and shakes the snow off of it, only to get snow on it again as she trudges through the snow to sniff the snowman. Then she runs around and tackles Chloe, playfully biting her ear. While they play, Megan excitedly takes photographs of the cats, occasionally putting herself or John in the picture.

After a while, Baby Bean and Chloe tire from playing and running around in the snow. So Megan places them next to the snowman to take a picture. Baby Bean stares at the camera curiously while Chloe looks around and up at the sky. Suddenly, she sees reindeer in the air pulling Santa in a sleigh. Dakotah sits next to Santa with her tongue hanging out. She winks at Chloe, then the sleigh flies out of her sight. A little bit of snow falls from the sleigh and lands close to a nearby tree. Baby Bean waddles past the snowman over to the tree to inspect the mysterious fallen snow. As she peers at the little pile of snow, a large clump of snow falls from the tree and plops on top of her head, some of which splatters onto her nose. She startles and her tail fluffs up in surprise. She shakes off the snow, looks around her, and then stares up at the tree while Megan and John laugh and Chloe purrs.