Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chloe's Christmas Wish - Advent Calendar (Day 24)

Chloe, meet Baby Bean. Baby Bean, this is Chloe.” Megan pets them both on their heads, then turns to the Christmas tree.

“Now she won't have to sneak outside to play,” John says to Megan.

Megan winks at John; then she says “time to open up presents!” as she picks up a gift wrapped in red paper. As Megan and John open their presents to each other, Chloe and Baby Bean paw through their stockings. Chloe decides she likes Baby Bean, so she bats one of her toy mice at her. Baby Bean bats the ball and chases after it, and she skids onto the wrapping paper strewn on the floor from opened presents. She jumps up from the unexpected noise, then starts patting the paper with her paws. Chloe joins Baby Bean in playing with the noisy paper. 

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