Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chloe's Christmas Wish - Advent Calendar (Day 17)

Are you ready to look for your collar?” Tabs asks, startling Chloe from almost falling asleep.

“Yes!” Chloe replies, stifling a yawn.

“Where do you remember wearing it last?” Tibby asks, walking away from her kittens and towards Tabs and Chloe.

“Well...” Chloe thinks for a moment. “I think I was wearing it when Fluffy caught the fish.”

“Fluffy caught the fish...” Tibby looks at her husband. “I thought you said you caught the fish.”

“Well, I might have exaggerated a little....” Tabs grinned at Tibby.

“Mmmhmmm....” Tibby shakes her head.

“Anyway, that means we should look at the pond first.” Tabs nuzzles his wife with his head. Chloe and Tabs say goodbye; then they walk to the pond in the dark. They search by the ice first. Then they look around and start digging in the snow.