Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chloe's Christmas Wish - Advent Calendar (Day 13)

Fluffy looks at the fish and shudders. “I don't think I can eat a fish again.”

“Then I'll just take this. The wife will love me if I bring home dinner.” Tabs says before he picks the fish up with his mouth.

Mitzy's ears twitch.

“Mitzy! Dinner time!” They hear a voice yelling from afar.

“Well, sugars, it's been fun, but that's my human calling. I gotta run. Love y’all.” Mitzy says as she saunters home. They say goodbye to Mitzy.

Fluffy then licks his fur, trying to get it to lay flat again. It had gone all frizzy from everyone breathing on him. When his fur doesn't stay down, he gives up and tells his friends, “I need to go home where my human can fix this.” Then his tummy growls. “And my human will feed me too.” Fluffy scurries home, his poofy tail trailing behind him. Chloe and Tabs hold their laughter until they can no longer see Fluffy's long, frizzy white hair in the distance. He looks like a fuzz ball.

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