Monday, September 26, 2011

One-Minute Writings (9/18/11 to 9/24/11)


One Word - "concern"

I am concerned for you, little child. I hold your life, the size of a poppy seed, in my body close to my heart. How can I not already love you?


One Word - "celebrate"

Let’s celebrate new life! Let’s celebrate old life! Let’s celebrate the miracle that we exist. Let’s be happy with the short time we have on Earth.


One Word - "crouch"

I crouch behind the couch, hiding and waiting for the right moment to appear. The room is dark. I can hear breathing from my nearby friends and family. I hear a door open and the light switches on. Footsteps come closer to the living room, then stop.

“Surprise!” I yell with everyone as we jump from our crouched hidden places. My sister’s hand flies to her mouth and she gasps. Then she starts laughing as we swarm towards her to wish her a happy birthday.

The One-Minute Writer - What takes too long?

When my husband is deployed, it takes too long for him to come home.


One Word - "couch"

I have a couch.
It is blue.
But I prefer the rocker.

The One-Minute Writer - Rewrite the following sentence in a way that is more interesting and less cliched: And they lived happily ever after.

He took her hand and lifted her onto his white horse. Then, with his arms around her, they rode into the sunset, their hearts beating as one.


One Word - "port"

I sip from the port wine in my hand as I lie in the tub filled with warm, sudsy water.


One Word - "convinced"

“I’m convinced she’s trying to kill me!” Jonathon complained to his closest friend, Albert.

“But why? She’s just so charming.” Albert replied.

“Then why does she keep tripping me and spilling hot liquids on me and making my horses throw me to the ground?” Jonathon sputtered angrily.
“Well, I think she likes you,” Albert said.


One Word - "preoccupied"

She twirled a tendril of hair around her index finger, her brows furrowed as she thought about the test questions before her. Her mind preoccupied, she didn’t notice her classmate peaking at her paper to steal some answers.