Sunday, September 18, 2011

One-Minute Writings (9/11/11 to 9/17/11)


One Word - "hover"

The aircraft hovered in the air before zooming into the sky, its lights twirling and twinkling red, white, and blue. I looked up, hardly believing what my eyes could see. Secretly, I had known we couldn’t be the only beings in the universe.

The One-Minute Writer - I skipped this prompt.


One Word - "trade"

I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Maybe for a bite of chocolate. No! I’m just kidding! Can I have some chocolate anyway? You know I love chocolate. I love chocolate, yes I do, but I don’t love chocolate more than you.

The One-Minute Writer - I skipped this prompt.


One Word - "rally"

I never liked pep rallies. I never liked football either. I used to sit in the bleachers wishing I could go home instead of wasting my time, though I’m sure others were just happy to get out of class.

The One-Minute Writer - I skipped this prompt.


One Word - "account"

Can you account for your whereabouts yesterday at 5:15 pm?

Why? What happened?

Just answer the question.
I was sleeping.

The One-Minute Writer - Write about someone who depends on you, or someone on whom you depend.

I depend on my husband as he depends on me, though sometimes in different ways.

I depend on God.


One Word - "average"

Someone has to be average for comparison purposes. How else will you know you are smarter or more athletic or better at any number of things? How will you know if you are doing better or worse? By setting an average, we can strive to become better than the average and thus improve ourselves.

The One-Minute Writer - Write about something in your life that you put up with.

I put up with my cat. Just this morning when I was still trying to sleep, I could hear her cleaning herself. Lick, lick, lick. When you've only had three hours of sleep and that's all you can hear, you just want to throw a pillow at the source of the sound. I decided to pick her up instead and cuddle with her in bed, but she escaped and went back to licking.


One Word - "pouch"

The idea of a kangaroo baby in its mother’s pouch is cute, but I saw a video of a joey popping out and it just looked so weird.

The One-Minute Writer - Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt, "Pop."

"Good morning, Pop," Mary said as she entered his bedroom. She walked by an old dresser to a nearby window and opened the dark green curtains, letting the sun shine into the room. The light streaked across the huge bed, showing a sleeping figure burrowed in heavy black blankets.

"Wake up," Mary said in a lilting voice. She walked to the bed and looked at her grandfather. "You've slept in late enough." Mary shook her grandfather's shoulder gently.

"Pop?" Mary shook his shoulder again. When he didn't stir, she pressed two fingers to his neck. After a minute, she let her hand fall.

"," she whispered as tears spilled onto her cheeks.


One Word - "shootout"

I’m lucky I’m not in a shootout. I’d lose if I were on my own, mostly because I don’t know how to use a gun and the pain currently etched on my forehead would distract me. I hope I’d be on the winning side (the good side) though.

The One-Minute Writer - What day is it? (Be creative in how you respond!)

Today is whatever you make of it. You can wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and optimism in your heart or you can grumble in misery as you force yourself to get up. I choose to have a happy day.