Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue Waterleaf

I'm doing a mystery poem challenge at where the moderator gives each participant a line to incorporate into their poem. My line is "petals withdraw, shut and shielded." I just sent this poem out to two partners, and I'll receive two more poems from other people. I'm very excited to use swap-bot because there are a few swaps that involve writing. Here's my poem.

Blue Waterleaf

Her petals withdraw, shut and shielded
From all the pain he has wielded.
In the dark, her frame is wilting
Until her entire world is tilting.
Thorns adorn her skin like tattoos
To protect her from his abuse.

When his shadow leaves her side
And the sun shines forth in the sky,
Her blue petals open one by one
And she stands a little taller in the sun.

But when the night falls again,
Her battered body will hang.
Her petals will withdraw, shut and shielded
From the pain he has wielded.
Eventually falling one by one,
Her petals will wither in the sun.